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The App

A video showing the features and benefits of the Stop and Search app V3.1

Recently featured on BBC 1

Co-founder Aaron Sonson speaking about the Stop and Search App on the BBC breakfast show

Stop and Searches across the UK

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The following map shows the stop and search experiences that have been uploaded.
Click a point of interest to see a rating on:
-How valid the person felt the stop was. -How much respect they felt they were shown. -How cooperative do they feel they were. -How they would rate the overall experience (5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest rating)

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Some Awards and Features

  • Liberty Winners of Liberty Human Rights Close to Home Award 2012
  • The Guardian The phone app that keeps track of police stop-and-search incidents
  • Wired 'Stop and Search' app aims to keep tabs on the police
  • The Independant To make stop and search fairer, get your phone out

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